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“The Ropes” 2011 Television Series– By: Vin Diesel

Available on: For Free With a subscription

Wondering what to do during the 2012 heatwave overtaking the entire country? Well what is better to do than watch television in air-conditioning.

“The Ropes”2011 television series Season 1 created by Vin Diesel is a very entertaining look into the behind the scenes operation of a New York City nightclub. The more I watch VOD (Video On Demand) as discussed in my previous post about Netflix, the more I realize why regular television is so stale. It boggles my mind how a series like “The Ropes” is not on one of the nine-hundred cable channels available.

I am not particularly a fan of Vin Diesel or the famed Fast and Furious franchise that he became famous from and will star in the upcoming Fast and Furious 6, but I will say if he continues to create shows like this, he should retire from acting and make production his full time career. With that being said, “The Ropes” is not one of the greatest shows I have ever watched, or anywhere as good as VOD’s Lillyhammer, but it sure as hell is better than the crap your cable company charges you to watch.

The show contains strong language, graphic violence, and sexual situations (no nudity) so it is not a family friendly affair. If you are a mature adult who likes fast paced storylines with action involved, this show is for you, and I think you will agree it is better than what you have been watching. Now that I have watched all of Season 1, I am hoping for a “The Ropes Season 2” release.

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  1. Make a season 2, 3, 4 and more if you can, really enjoyed it and I want to see more of this show. Thanks chris


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