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You’re the Cheese – I’m the Macaroni

This is part of the Supper With Sebastian series. The tastes of a 6 year old known as “The King of The Kids Menu”.

July 15th, 2012

The Rio Station – Rio Grande, New Jersey

The best Mac N Cheese I have tasted in a longgg time was last night at The Rio Station in Rio Grande, New Jersey in the United States of America. It was like very cheesey and I like it because they make the cheese a lot cheesier than most places. They use big giant noodles that absorb up the cheese sauce. They put it in a dish that is the perfect size for a kid like me. I want the world to know about this place because its very good. If people are starving, their mac n cheese can feed big groups of people except grownups. It also looks perfect when you look at it. Im asking my daddy right now if I can get more mac n cheese from The Rio Station right now. Try it sometime. I think you will agree.

The King of The Kids Menu

Hope you all enjoyed my first review and look forward to more from Supper With Sebastian.

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  1. Alena McCullough

    Very good review. I especially appreciate Sebastian’s comment about the pasta absorbing the cheese. This review was a very enjoyable read and I look forward to lots of new reviews from “Supper with Sebastian” in the future.


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