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Derek Timm is the bluejeanfoodcritic. He loves to eat, travel, and try new restaurants. He works hard and he gets his hands dirty, yet, his tastes are sophisticated as a result of his palate being savoir-faired extensively in six continents. He likes bold flavors and appreciates subtlety. Being a barbeque connoisseur, he has earned the esteemed credential of being a CBJ (Certified Barbeque Judge) from the Kansas City Barbeque Society and has been honored by them with a lifetime membership to this elite culinary group. This man loves a great deal but will not compromise on quality. Follow him on his journey as he takes no prisoners towards becoming the premier judge on Iron Chef America. Wondering where you have heard or read about him? CLICK HERE for a list of where he has appeared in movies, judging events, performed live on-stage, radio, and in print. Feel free to contact him for personal appearances to your next event or book one of his professionally guided tours. Email him at:

To book a set itineray tour through just CLICK HERE

Bon Appetit!

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  1. I just came across your restaurant postings. You are a very good writer. Your reviews are fun to read, as well as informative.

    I myself have been doing restaurant reviews and dining out essays for the past 12 years in the Philly suburbs mainly. You can check me out on my current gig, “” Previously my articles appeared on County Pa (Abington, Ambler, Willow Grove, et al.)

    I like that you are also combining your travels and writing about them. Am I reading correctly that you offer to lead folks on tours??

    Best regards,
    Mitch Davis


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