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Bluejeanfoodcritic LLC offers unbiased culinary adventures in the Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey areas.

If you do not want the hassle of thinking what you want to eat and where you want to go, already planned tours are available through and to easily book a tour just CLICK HERE

If you have something particular in mind, Bluejeanfoodcritic LLC can also customize a tour just for you, and unlike other tour providers, your needs will be based on what your expectations are for a great food tour instead of being told where to go by the tour group which is in partnerships with the food providers.  This will instead allow you to turn yourself from a tourist in these areas into a local. After a quick consultation, a customized tour will be researched for a once in a lifetime experience. Just send an email for what you are looking for.

Wonder where you have seen Bluejeanfoodcritic in the movies, print, and radio? Click Here

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Examples of some planned and customized tours that have been created by Bluejeanfoodcritic LLC:

Amazing Asia in Philadelphia – to book this CLICK HERE

The Reading Terminal Roundup – to book this CLICK HERE

Philly Ethnic Tastes

Sandwich Gut Busters

The Rocky Experience

Philadelphia Favorites

The All Cheesesteaks Tour

Old City Highlights

I’m Afraid To Try New Things Will You Help Me (personal note, this was one of my all time favorites)

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  1. In need of a sandwich gut buster!!! And I know of a great sandwich but in search of something greater. That’s find it!


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